Not An Average Vending Machine

Promoted and made popular in the 1880’s in England, the vending machine has improved greatly of late providing entertainment and many quick services. Originally developed to dispense postcards, it is now used for selling snacks, cigarettes and even lottery tickets.

A popular attraction these days however is the kiosk that can take photos. This has originated in Russia and became highly popular in the US, with Hollywood playing a major role in including them in movies and such. In term of commercial use, they are quite popular in terms of passport photos. These machines are coin operated and can print eight or more photos based on passport requirements. Another version of this machine can be seen in south East Asia in the form of a sticker booth. They are said to be hugely popular in Japan and Hong Kong. The operation of the machine is quite same. However these apparatuses can go a bit further by allowing customers the option to print the photos as stickers with various backgrounds and graphics. Apart from commercial use, these kiosks are now being heavily prompted as an entertainment addition for events and parties. Many event organisers and photographers now offer photo booth hire facilities in various forms. – Portable booth: These movable booths that can be setup outside an event location. These are perfect for an event in a small location with no facilities for a booth to be set up in side. Some events have booths setup in camper vans that are easily driven to the location for a fun filled photo session.

– Video DIY: a popular addition in wedding photo booth hire is having video facilities. These are ideal to record specialised messages or just to dance around, or to capture special moments with the couple. Most often these hired booths comprise of video effects prop boxes, web galleries and backdrop images or curtains. Slow mo – this is a trend that is fast catching on within the event industry. It is an ideal way to capture special moments of the event ever so slowly. It is a great addition to have super fun for guests to view later. GIF – this is type of kiosk that allows for fun filled animation or effects to be added to the photos. It works like a usual booth; however in this case the machine takes 3 quick photos and combines them to create a GIF that is animated. Not only do gests get 3 printed versions, but they can instantly upload the GIF on social media as well.

Booths are fun filled and can keep guests entertained for hours. No doubt they are becoming very popular. And for those who do not like to be hassled by photographers this is an ideal addition to have at your event.